US PATENT 8994935

Laser Tools for Screen printing


The Lase+It is one of the best investments I’ve made in my 30 years of screen printing.

I use it every day, it’s fantastic for printing shirts with pockets, hooded sweatshirts, and unusual items that need printing in exact locations.

Hooded sweatshirts have a limited print area and the size of printable areas on the hoodies changes from size to size. With the Lase+It, I have not misprinted any hoodies because of wrong print placement, because now I know exactly where the image will be with the multiple laser guides.

Ease of setup, ease of use, and reasonable price make this a must have for a professional shop. It has paid for itself many times over by fewer errors, and quicker printing.

Thanks for a great product.


Steve Steiger

owner of Bellingham Screen Printing

Bellingham WA

Hi Greg,

We received the Laseit this morning. After a quick trip to the hardware store for a length of pipe, we had it fully installed and in use on our manual press within 30 minutes. After only 5 hours in production our staff made a point to come into the office at days end as ask us why we didn’t get this sooner. Haha, it works beautifully! We couldn’t be happier! I guarantee we will be ordering another one soon for our automatic press. Thanks for all the help over the phone, and thanks for manufacturing a relatively simple, but quality product, that does exactly what you expect it to.


W. Raymond
Bullshirt, LLC.


We have been using the Laseit in our screen printing department and have received very positive feedback from our employees. We have used lasers for many years in our screen printing and embroidery departments to align design placement with different garments and fabrics but the Laseit system simplifies this process and the increased efficiency and productivity you will move than pay for the system in a short time. We anticipate adding other Laseit systems as the need arises.

Thanks again,

Steve C.

Hi Tom,

We love the laser it works great and it saves us an incredible amount of time!

Thanks again,

Mike A.
Eagle Eye


I first have to say what an incredible product! I’ve been in the printing business for 16 years and wish I would’ve had this product to assist me the entire time. So many uses I’ve found & I’m sure I’ll find more. I USE LASEIT EVERYDAY, well worth the investment.

Production Manager
Creative Advertising

The Laseit has become a staple in our screen printing department. We started with one, & quickly bought a second so that we could have one on each of our 2 automatic presses, IT IS SUCH A no BRAINER, they should come with each new press sold.

We had used lasers in the past, but could not get employees to buy into them. The benefit was evident, but hassle of rigging up our “Home Depot” lasers kept the staff from wanting to use them. With the Laseit system, it is easy to mark edges of the design we are printing and we no longer have to worry about where the print will land on the shirt. When the next job comes through and we have to realign the lasers, it is done in no time.

The Laseit takes the guess work out of the equation and lets our staff move briskly on the jobs that require a little more attention. Our prints no longer land on preexisting logos or seams of tank tops…..UNLESS OF COURSE WE GET TOO LAZY TO TURN ON THE LASEIT.


Joshua C. Jacobson
The J. Carroll Corp.

I purchased the Laseit alignment system about 9 months ago for our automatic printing presses. We mainly do logo design on or above pocketed tees, V-neck and scoop neck garments where placement is critical. The Laseit system allows us to do our set ups quickly and run production with greater accuracy while maintaining a high production rate. What I really like most about Laseit is how easy it is to change the direction of the lasers when needed and how steady they hold during our runs. Laseit adapts very easily to each of our different format machines and was very easy to install. Our company has been in business for over 25 years and I have used a few different laser systems in the past years, none of which have preformed as well as the Laseit system. I would recommend this system to any screen printer with concerns about graphics placement.

Vic Esquivel
Production Manager
Morning Sun Shirt Company CA.

We got these around 6 months ago and use them in our printing shop to get the shirts in the same place every time. We don’t use it for numbers. We have been in business for 20 years. These lasers work great! Very easy to get into position and once it’s there it stays there. Being able to use the multiple lasers to get shirts in the perfect position every time is a huge bonus. They are bright & easy to see on almost every color of shirt. We Have been very happy with them and the way they work.

Thank you,

Rylie Roberts
(Floor Manager at R&R)

I have worked in the screen printing industry since 1999, we purchased our first Laseit in September of 2012. We purchased our second Laseit in June of 2013. We use it every day.

When a client wants an exact measurement and placement of a print on any garment, Laseit is the tool for the job. With Laseit you set up once and then follow the framework for the production run. Regardless whether you are doing six items or sixty thousand items, you only have to line Laseit up once.

Laseit has dramatically increased our production speed while keeping a very consistent and accurate print. This makes for very satisfied costumers. We have found Laseit to be very helpful. We recommend this product to increase your productivity and in turn increase your profit margins.

Thank you,

Production Manager
Jose Mendoza

A very helpful tool, we use it for keeping things in lined up when printing graphics in shirts. It has increased our speed and efficiency and everything our print is accurate. Our company has been in business since 2008. We will recommend Laseit to any screen printer looking to enhance their efficiency, time and accuracy.

Thank you,

Ink Werks

We use laseit for aligning vinyl for commercial heat press onto apparel and we use it almost everyday. We have also done numbered jerseys etc but we use it for all kinds of heat transfer vinyl text graphics.

I have the 4 laser system and have setup each laser for a different function that I repeatedly do so that I do not have to think about positioning, and the lasers are easy to adjust for any changes – laseit had taken a lot of time off the production of each piece, I can press a higher volume in a shorter time period which allows for more work and more importantly can get work done on time!

Thank you,