US PATENT 8994935

Laser Machines for Screen Printing


 dimensions; the aluminum case is 4 inches wide 4 inches long and 1.5 inches high. The bearings and lasers with alignment wheels are 2.75 inches out from the case on all 4 sides, making a total of 9.5 inches. Total weight is 3 lbs. The top cover on  is pre-threaded to fit a 1 inch black or galvanized pipe.

Operating is very simple. Each laser has its own on/off switch. After turning one or more switches on, hold each laser by its wheel between your forefinger and thumb then simply rotate and or fan to the precise location desired. Each  comes with 4 lasers. Use as many lasers required to outline your logo.

Each laser on is rated at greater than 5000 hours of operation when used under normal indoor conditions.

runs on 110 volts with a standard 2 prong plug. This means no purchasing of batteries.

We manufacture the bearings used in  to very tight tolerances so they will stay in the exact desired position while allowing for smooth rotation & fanning.

With  you get faster printing with precise print placement on all your Screen Printing.