US PATENT 8994935

 Our Laser Alignment System was developed to assist Screen Printers, Embroiderers, Digital Printers, Cap Printers and many other applications where accurate placement is essential.

With  you will achieve faster setup times. Our research shows up to 95% faster than traditional methods and never less than 50% faster. Our test results also show up to 20% faster production. All while producing Precise Print Placement as never before possible, which will result in little to NO COSTLY MISPRINTS and VERY HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Don’t forget about cleanup or take down time for changing pallets or cleaning pallets when printing is done using traditional methods. With   you have neither! But don’t take our word for it view the videos on our website and see for yourself.

 will allow you to print closer to seams, hems and collars with confidence. It will allow you to be very precise when printing on or above pocket shirts, patterned or stripped shirts and name drops will be as easy as 123

Pocket Printing

Number Printing